'Cargo Breach' released


You wake up in your bunk in the crew’s quarters of a steam ship. When you look out the porthole, you see that it’s night, but it should be day. You must have overslept, but no one woke you up. When you get up and get dressed, you realise that the guys from the day shift aren’t in their bunks and the familiar rumble of the ship’s steam engine is absent. Something is wrong. But what?

This is the premise behind ‘Cargo Breach’, which is my entry for PunyJam #4. This was written in Inform 6 using the PunyInform library. The game can be played online or downloaded to play in your favourite Z-code interpreter.

Cargo Breach is a medium-sized game where the story is gradually revealed as the game unfolds. It’s a puzzle-fest, but it’s very well hinted and should only take an hour or two to play. Full instructions are given on the game page.

Due to the short development time frame, the updates after testing were done in a bit of a hurry and I didn’t have time to test them thoroughly. If you find any issues, send me a personal message and I’ll do a bug-fix release or a post-comp release. (I’m aware of a disambiguation issue with “water” that has been fixed, so don’t bother reporting that one.)

Please play and rate all six of the PunyJam #4 games before 31 December 2023. They’re all small to medium in size, so shouldn’t take too long to play.