Can you help me test my installers, please?

My IF system, Rez, is written in the Elixir programming language. Elixir has many advantages but, for a command-line tool, the deployment story hasn’t been one of them.

However, using something called Burrito (which wraps the underlying Erlang runtime), I have created installers for macOS, Linux, and Windows that should make installation straighforward.

However, I don’t have a Linux or Windows machine to test on.

If any brave souls would be willing to try my installers, run the rez command and see if it works, and give me feedback on the experience I’d be grateful.

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Uh… where did you put these installers? The repository that you linked says the last change to the code was 5 days ago, and its last “release” was November of 2022…?

I’ve already found a bug, I’ll make the links live again when I’ve updated the installers.

You’re right. I didn’t want to publish them on the site as I’m not sure about them yet. I’d assumed I would send directly them, but there’s really no reason not to publish the links in this thread:

I can try it for windows. Can you link to the installer.

Ah, DMs are fine: people often do that here. It just wasn’t clear what you were thinking from your original message so I assumed they’d be at the repository. Anyway. I could probably try Windows and x86 Linux…

I could try an Arm version on Raspberry Pi OS.

Thanks, folks. I’m trying to track down a bug in the Burrito generated binaries (the installer part works locally, but the installed app does not). Once I have a fix I will generate new binaries and update the thread.

To those who offered to help test the installers, I think we’ve overcome the previous problem and I’ve uploaded installers for Linux, macOS, and Windows.

The way these installers work is that they download a version of the Erlang runtime system in the background which they tuck away and use to run the rez Elixir program.

If anyone could help me demonstrate that they work that would be useful. You should, at the very least, be able to run:

<binary_name> version

and get back:

rez v1.1.7


Works for me on Linux.

I know your pain in deploying Erlang! At a job several years ago I wrote a few servers in Erlang and the whole concept of “run this like a normal daemon” just wasn’t there. Love the language and BEAM, though.

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Thanks, Chris. That’s good to know.

Speed and deployment certainly aren’t strengths although both stories are getting better. But there are a lot of pluses and I love working with Elixir.