Calling Spring Thing Authors

While there’s not technically a rule against it, the Spring Thing guidelines strongly recommend authors not talk too much about the entries during the competition itself. A reasonable policy to avoid conflicts of interest or biasing the reviewers.

But from what I’ve seen, there’s going to be a great collection of entries this year, and I’d like to have a place to talk about 'em! So if you’ve submitted something to Spring Thing 2024 (any category), and you’d like to join a private group DM to talk to other authors about the entries, let me know here, and I’ll add you to the thread!


Yes please!


I didn’t submit something this year but I’d like to participate in the conversation to see what people say and ask questions. I am interested in learning what other creators do with their stories.

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@Draconis - Please add me (I have a game “The Time Machine v2.0” in the New Game Plus section).


Great idea, I’d love to participate too! :blush: I have a small entry in the back garden.


I will be happily in :slight_smile:

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio

Would love to join! I submitted Luna Gardens for Back Garden.

Sure, count me in! (I wrote “A Simple Happening” in the Main Festival.)

Count me in as well!

Add me as well, please!

…and me!

Yes, please. Just let me know how to find the group.

Samesies here!

Sure! I’d be happy to.

This is my first IF competition and I am super excited to be included. Count me in!


Would be happy to join

There we go, I think I’ve got you all added!

Sorry, but at this point I’d prefer not to add non-authors, because I don’t want to create a perverse incentive (“I have to choose between judging the games and seeing the creator commentary”). But I don’t think any of us will mind if you DM us about things!


Room for one more? Not sure I’ll have the chance to play the games immediately but would love to be part of the chat. :slight_smile:

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I would like to be added.

I understand, and I chose not to share a link to my Spring Thing entry on my CoG discussion thread for that reason, but can authors respond to reviews or questions regarding their entries on this forum?

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@mathbrush would need to confirm but irrc it should be fine :slight_smile:
(If it’s not, then I was in trouble last year :joy: cause I responded to them all)