Calling Spring Thing Authors

sure, i’ll bite.

I went ahead and made a Spring Thing 2024 group, sorry I was late on this! Please apply and the organizers can approve you. You can @springthing-2023 in posts and PMs.


Responding to reviews can mean several different things.

“Thanks for your review!”
“Thanks for pointing out that bug. I fixed it!”

“Your review is wrong. You didn’t understand my game”
“Your review is unfair”

If a review makes you mad I definitely wouldn’t respond to it. That’s basically trying to change people’s mind about your game.


Aha! Having a group will definitely help; I’ll make the PM use that instead of adding everyone manually.


I’ve also created a limited-time event chat for Spring Thing 2024.

Messages here are public and will likely be archived as a topic at Spring Thing’s conclusion.


The chat is a good idea, I think that cab be the faster way for bug reporting, diagnosing & fixing…

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.

Happy to be added. Thanks!

I’m a Back Garden entrant … is it okay if I post review(s) publicly, or should I join the private forum? I’d rather just post publicly, to be honest.