Brent Spiner from Star Trek is funny

Maybe not…

Why on earth someone can get insulted over a piece of software is beyond me. Especially since the post in question is just a piece of geek humor, not “Windows bashing”. It had Brent Spiner in it, it was funny, so I posted it.

If you want to turn this into a Windows vs Mac/Linux thing, well, here you go:

No a tack is just a sailing metaphor. You know… regarding how to get along with other people? And how to sail against the wind? Oh, never mind.

Well, whoever you address with “someone” here, as far as I’m concerned, I didn’t get insulted at all. On the contrary, I liked the Data’s Windows Bluescreen joke. If I didn’t like it then I wouldn’t have posted it here as a YouTube video link (see page 1), would I ?

You see, as I insinuated in my previous post, you still haven’t got the point. This is not about me being pissed that you don’t like Windows or that you makes jokes about it. No, this is about Windows users owning you Linux/Mac users.

So, I owned ya! :stuck_out_tongue: And nobody, neither you nor your fans here, can deny it. You, matt, Laroquod and whoever agrees with you on Linux/Mac don’t need to talk this through here anyway. Nobody cares. The more you talk, the more you show that you are lame. I have won this battle anyway. And here is why:

  1. Data’s Bluescreen Video --> The one I linked to has sound and good image quality. The one you linked to has not. Conclusion: Youtube has won. Animated GIF has lost. Period.
  2. RealNC posted a broken image link in his original attempt. I never post broken image links, because my links always work. Conclusion: I am reliable. RealNC is not.
  3. RealNC and his fans thought they made me mad again, so that they could later pick on it. But THEY got mad instead. Conclusion: I won. You lost.

End of discussion.

This is the weirdest thread I have ever read. Anywhere.

Retro, I primarily use Windows, and have never felt even an inkling of being “bashed” here because of it (except maybe way way back when it was more about home-brewing games that couldn’t be played on a larger number of systems). Even though your words say otherwise, I get the impression that you’re always in defensive mode. Rather than productively growing your own niche while not shunning the rest of the posters, you seem hell bent on convincing yourself that you’re a victim, that people hate the things you like, and that that conflicting opinions are meant as personal insults against you.

My advice is to just stop. Step back, realize that not everybody is going to get along (good advice for us all, I think), and at least make an effort to be less abrasive. Everybody has been doing a good job of letting your rants and wild tangents slide, but good grief. I don’t think many people would disagree that you’ve had plenty of time and opportunity to adapt. Or at least pretend to have adapted.

Since you are the admin of this board I will reply to your post…

Actually I don’t see a problem with my current behaviour. I think I have adapted very well to this community. Ranting about systems and software, making wild arguments with nay-sayers and the like. You know, the Paul Panks stuff. This community would be boring without people like us. :mrgreen:

However, after observing this community for two years it turns out some users have a different problem with people like me. My bet is fear. They are frightened of new guys and inventors who could dominate this community. The constant bashing and downgrading of CYOA systems and games by most reviewers in this community underlines my assumption.


So you’re very open-minded about other people being evil. You’ll raise the possibility of anti-Windowsism, anti-CYOAism, anti-Germanism (rly?), or just plain racism — anything at all, as long as you don’t have to consider the possibility that you personally just acted poorly in this situation and thus failed to navigate it successfully. That’s your fear talking not your courage.


So you claim that I acted poorly in a certain situation. And what situation are you talking about?

If you’re talking about my Node-X interpreter then you’re wrong. I didn’t act poorly. My act as a programmer was exceptional, you see. Node-X is a sophisticated engine/system to build and run CYOA/Multiple-Choice adventures in Windows/DOS. A few reviewers even hinted to that. And those many reviewers who failed to acknowledge that in IFComps 2008 and 2009 obviously seemed to have a jealousy problem with it. :unamused:

Wrong. It’s rather my self-esteem than my fear talking here. You can’t distinguish them in this case ofcourse, because you have a false estimation of me. You base your conclusions on either prejudice or generalisation. You think: “Oh, I know they all act poorly, think bad of themselves and are afraid. So he has to be like that aswell.” But the reality is: “He is not like them. He differs from them a lot, is the complete opposite of them, has a very high opinion of himself and thus cannot accept that he is being put in a shelf where he knows that he doesn’t belong at all.” In short, I am not what you think I am or what you want me to be.

And btw. I see that you, Laroquod, joined this forum and community on Oct 04, 2010, two years before I did. Do you even know what the whole Node-X/CYOA/Windows rant is all about? Have you followed it from the start? If not, then please don’t interfere in issues, rants or cyberwars which you were not originally part of.

This thread was called ‘Brent Spiner from Star Trek is funny’.

Retro has a point. You really can’t understand where he’s coming from if you haven’t read this post. In discussing why few people voted on his IFComp game, he claims that the community’s hostility to CYOA is a more important reason than the fact that the English version of the game was mostly in German.

You know what, guys. I was wrong. There is no cyberwar between other users and me. There was just an old rant in 2009 which was settled a long time ago.

Forget it.

Let’s go back to Brent Spiner… =)