Brent Spiner from Star Trek is funny


Heh heh, IFtrek…


“This image or video has been moved or deleted.”


Fixed URL :stuck_out_tongue:

Here’s a better version with sound on youtube, and it works on Windows 7. :ugeek: :mrgreen: :stuck_out_tongue:

Commander Data vs. Microsoft Windows

He uses old-fashioned 256-color animated GIFs for video output. :open_mouth:

I prefer the GIF — it’s lightweight and broadly useful.

GIF is a palette-based image format with a maximum number of 256 colors.
Sure it’s useful, especially for website design and forum purposes, such as
animated smilies, ad banners, icons, avatar pics, transparent images, etc.
It sucks for advanced purposes, however, such as video sequences in high
resolutions. That’s because animated GIF is not a video codec and it shouldn’t
be treated as one. The reasons are a) low framerate on higher resolutions,
b) big filesize due to non-sophisticated image compression algorithm and
c) pixelated/noisy image output in video due to 256-color limit.

But back to the threadstarter’s topic…

Brent Spiner is certainly funny, as both an actor and a person in real life.
In most of his movies and TV shows he played some funny guy anyway.
BUT Spiner has proven that he can also play serious roles. I’m a fan of

Stop destroying whole threads :imp:

In addition, a couple of more funny interviews with the man Brent Spiner:

Brent Spiner Interview 1996 on David Letterman

Interview with Brent Spiner at Grand Slam Con, April 12th 2008


Are you talking to yourself?

Reported. Retro, this would be ridiculously abusive behavior even if the cause weren’t so trivial. People make jokes about operating systems, and there’s no reason to take it personally when someone posts a joke about f-ing windows. For heaven’s sake, you seem to have taken it personally that someone posted a file in a format you don’t like. Please try to behave more maturely.

Reported what? That quote is fake anyway.

Stick around, RealNC — you did nothing wrong.


Ah, yes. I forgot that this community consists of die-hard Linux and Mac users you can’t argue with. :wink:

That is not why you’re the bad guy. There are plenty of people who are both Windows users and Brent Spiner fans – I bet some are posting in this very thread – who don’t throw tantrums when someone posts a .gif animation of Data and the Blue Screen of Death. It’s the tantrum that’s the problem.

So show me where I got mad and throwed a tantrum, because I can’t see where it exactly happened. Is it a tantrum when giving someone advice to not post video as animated .GIF? Is it a tantrum when stating your opinion on someone’s jokes? I think you are overestimating the situation here. You should learn to relax a little more. I’m just saying.

The problem is the insult-comic techier-than-thou routine. Notice how it’s not going over very well? Maybe try a different tack…?