Brainstorming [(Human) ideas generator]

This is just a fun way to gain ideas (not an if spittoon, which (source by @pinkunz) is where you give off ideas at random) from other people.

You can use it to say like, “I can’t figure out what puzzle I could include in X room to get Y object.” And people respond with ideas.

I might use this myself, this is probably already existing, and you could use other features (for those who are frequent enough posters). But I don’t need it yet, I haven’t seen that other thread, and it also allows discarded ideas to be used by other people.

(Should this be in General Design Discussions ?)

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yes, this is definitively a debate on general design. or, in the specific detail, the new “story research & design” category. But ideas aren’t limited to puzzle. there’s also items/map/NPC ideas.

of course, questions on implementing are to be discussed in the specific language’s debate…

so, I warmly agree on debating ideas.

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I’m looking for ideas for a puzzle in a post-disaster abandoned city.

  • The pupose of the puzzle is to unlock access to the underground tunnels below the city.

  • I dont want it to be quite so simple as “go to a city utilities location and find a manhole key”. But that could still be part of it.

  • Access to some part of the puzzle would be gated behind use of a grappling hook item that can be used to ascend/descend between rooms that arent connected by stairs/ladders.


What were the tunnels originally meant for? Storm sewer, subway, etc?


Stormwater/drainage. Although they could be subway tunnels, that may be more interesting.


How much has the disaster ruined the city? I’m imagining something like a big earthquake ripping the ground apart in one location, creating a chasm you can climb down into. Cool and scenic, requires the grappling hook, and you can then have all sorts of puzzles to get from the chasm into the main tunnels.


For the hook, maybe one drain that is stuck and too rusted to use any key, tie one end of the hook to a large feature (maybe a puzzle getting that fixed feature in there) and grapple the drain, then get it to move away. If you have monsters, you can use them to run through the area, but I doubt you do.


A grappling hook can:

  • Allow you to climb or descend vertically
  • pull items (and environment pieces) towards you
  • dredge the bottom of submerged, murky areas
  • trigger traps from a safe distance (trip lines and such)

This is my favourite grappling hook in a video game ever…


What about Uncharted 4?


After I bought an Xbox just to play Halo, I haven’t been in the console scene since. I did get a Wii though, but we all know that doesn’t count.

I remember really enjoying Bungie’s games and excited for Halo on the Mac for more than a year… apparently, Microsoft was even more interested. That was a shame. Lots of beloved game developers are bought up, I know, but that one stung the most for me because Bungie was practically the only AAA game developer that loved the Apple computer. I adored that company.

What’s an Uncharted 4? Is that a one of those games where you watch cut scenes more than you actually play it? :wink:

If you load a grappling hook into a gun of sorts, you can propel them quite far. Kind of like, the Hookshot in Ocarina of Time… and it’s upgraded cousin!



Getting an old generator to function again so the (remaining) automatic bilge pumps fire up. Otherwise, most abandoned underground areas will eventually fill with groundwater.

Since some of the bilges are in disrepair, this would only partially drain the tunnels, leading to various level design with flooding being a complicating factor.

A lot more interesting than a manhole key.


Might be interesting to find a map and determine that you have “a chance” to swim in the dark depths to get to a room that “should have” an air pocket where the generator is. Don’t leave any items in your pockets that can’t get wet would be a part of the puzzle.

You could make the swimming part like being in the dark and having to guess approximately where you are to come up for air. Like a maze portion, but without walls. 5 feet north, 5 feet west… maybe having to navigate around something, or feeling something unnerving in the darkness.

If you deviate a bit, but still have enough air, you might find something super secret in the game…

A MANHOLE KEY! It unlocks any sewer access cover known to exist. Splinter once spoke of the mythical object’s existence as “harnessing the power to allow one to traverse the dimensional gateways” of the sewers and the fabled streets above. Cowabunga, my friends. Cowabunga indeed.


I’m making a (small) IF game based very loosely on Ozymandias. Right now, it’s just a few fixed objects (legs of stone, shattered visage, pedestal) with descriptions, and a person (traveller) who has a little bit of dialogue. I want to expand it into a little puzzle with some more elements. If anyone has any ideas, or wants to play what little I have of the game so far, let me know either here or in private.


Well you’ve already got the walkthrough:




I have this little idea for a puzzle. Basically, the main character wants to go fishing. When she goes to find some worms, she can’t find any. A man tells her that the drumming of the rain brings them up from the soil. The solution? Take out your drums and start playing! I know it wouldn’t work in real life and I’m wondering if it would be too obtuse to figure out. The game is supposed to be silly and a bit illogical so I don’t think there’s a problem moodwise.


Is it weird if you are able to enter pictures in the story? Like as in, enter a photograph of a rainy day and “drum on the rain” there.

Or, you could set up the fact that the PC likes drumming, so that would make sense. But then how is it the drumming of the rain? It’s just drumming…


What if it’s established she knows a specific song that sounds like rain? Like Chopin’s “Raindrop” prelude or something.


Or even sillier, a song called “The Rain” which you have the drum notes for and you just need to play that.


I could be wrong, but I was under the impression it wasn’t so much the drumming of the rain as it was the ground absorbing so much water that they’d drown if they stayed where they were.


It’s a silly game, so why not have it be the drumming? Plus, I remember I used to play hacky-sack in the park and the worms would always start to come out. We jumped around a lot and stayed usually in the same place.