Brainstorming [(Human) ideas generator]

This is just a fun way to gain ideas (not an if spittoon, which (source by @pinkunz) is where you give off ideas at random) from other people.

You can use it to say like, “I can’t figure out what puzzle I could include in X room to get Y object.” And people respond with ideas.

I might use this myself, this is probably already existing, and you could use other features (for those who are frequent enough posters). But I don’t need it yet, I haven’t seen that other thread, and it also allows discarded ideas to be used by other people.

(Should this be in General Design Discussions ?)

[moved by Mod to Story Research and Design ]


yes, this is definitively a debate on general design. or, in the specific detail, the new “story research & design” category. But ideas aren’t limited to puzzle. there’s also items/map/NPC ideas.

of course, questions on implementing are to be discussed in the specific language’s debate…

so, I warmly agree on debating ideas.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio