Borogove Dialog IDE not working?

I’ve been trying to learn Dialog over the past few days but getting to the Standard Library part of the documentation I’ve tried to test out some of the examples in Borogove and it seems that they aren’t working as described in the manual. For example in Chapter two the example code about a tutorial room with a table and chair leads to messages of not understanding the commands suggested in the manual, x it and sit, as well even the name of the room only comes up as “Location” with a description of “you are here” as opposed to the name “tutorial room” and look of “This is a very nondescript room, dominated by a wooden table.”

As I’ve mentioned I’m still very new to learning dialog so I don’t really have any clue as to what is going wrong, if I’m doing something wrong or if it’s something wrong with borogove or some third thing. Pretty much all I’ve done is copy-pasted this example into borogove.

The example from Chapter 2
(current player *)
(* is #in #room)

(name *) tutorial room
(room *)
(look *) This is a very nondescript room, dominated by a wooden table.
(notice #table)  %% Binds the word “it” to the table.

(name *) wooden table
(descr *) It's a sturdy wooden table.
(supporter *)
(* is #in #room)

(name *) chair
(descr *) It's a plain chair, painted white.
(on-seat *)
(* is #in #room)
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It’s because by default, Borogove compiles with stdlib.dg before story.dg. So the default rules from the standard library take precedence over the rules from the story (because the order of the rules matter in Dialog).

To solve your issue, you have to reorder the files in the file manager on the left. Hover a file and small arrows will appear. Click on them to reorder the files.

I think we can consider it a Borogove bug, since by default Borogove should order them correctly. (And also, I find the arrows a bit small, but that’s another issue.)