Best way to make a map when starting a game.

Generally, I have the bad habit of making a map inside my head. I know some people use mapping utilities while others use paper. Any suggestions?

I’m a big fan of Trizbort, but that only works if you’re on Windows unfortunately.

Any flowcharting/diagramming software can work pretty well too.

I use Dia: (Works in Linux, Windows, and Mac)

There are also diagramming programs for Android and iPad. … gred&hl=en

I have Trizbort. I’ve got a setting in mind too. Now to try to map it out.

I still use pencil and paper…

I like IFM. It can help you keep track of a lot more than just the map itself.

I like writing on paper (grid paper can help), perhaps in a book, if you have one to write in.

I have found Dia and Inspiration a big help.