Baltimore/DC IF Meetup

Nov 4 we’ll discuss Alice Aforethought from the IF Comp.

December 9 we’re meeting at Mad City Coffee in Columbia to discuss Harmonia. 3-5 PM, as usual.

January 13, at Mad City Coffee, we’ll talk about J. J. Guest’s To Hell in a Hamper.

For February 3 we’ll play BP Hennessy’s Known Unknowns. Same venue and time.

Does anyone pay any attention to join requests on this group’s Facebook page?

March 3 we’re playing A Beauty Cold and Austere (version 2).

I hope so! Let me poke somebody.

Before April 7 we’ll be playing Papers, Please and watching this video.

May 5 we’ll discuss Sherlock Indomitable from this year’s Spring Thing.

June 16, 3-5pm at Mad City Coffee, we’ll have played and will discuss Grayscale.

I may be in DC the week prior to June 16. I would enjoy attending very much! I will know more in a couple of weeks.



Next meeting will be July 21st, 3-5 p.m. at Mad City Coffee in Columbia.

Beforehand, we’ll have played XYZZY Best Puzzle winner The Wand, and then discuss it there.

August 11, same time and place, we’ll be discussing Will Not Let Me Go.

September 22, we’ll talk about Kevin Gold’s Choice of Magics.

We’ll also start what will surely be a months-long check-in on how far we’ve gotten in Cragne Manor, assuming Ryan and Jenni make their sanity saves in the face of its sprawling codebase.

October 27, we’ll discuss parser games from the IF Competition.

November 17, 3-5 at Mad City Coffee, we’ll discuss choice-based games from this year’s IF Comp.

December 15, same time and place, we’ll discuss Alias “the Magpie”, this year’s IF Comp winner.

January 26 we’ll discuss Animalia by Ian Michael Waddell and we’ll also have the first Cragne Manor check-in, covering the area through the first bridge.

February 23 we’re going to discuss ProP’s Grimnoir, as well as Cragne Manor up through the second bridge.

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