Baltimore/DC IF Meetup


I may be in DC the week prior to June 16. I would enjoy attending very much! I will know more in a couple of weeks.


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Next meeting will be July 21st, 3-5 p.m. at Mad City Coffee in Columbia.

Beforehand, we’ll have played XYZZY Best Puzzle winner The Wand, and then discuss it there.

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August 11, same time and place, we’ll be discussing Will Not Let Me Go.

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September 22, we’ll talk about Kevin Gold’s Choice of Magics.

We’ll also start what will surely be a months-long check-in on how far we’ve gotten in Cragne Manor, assuming Ryan and Jenni make their sanity saves in the face of its sprawling codebase.

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October 27, we’ll discuss parser games from the IF Competition.

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November 17, 3-5 at Mad City Coffee, we’ll discuss choice-based games from this year’s IF Comp.

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December 15, same time and place, we’ll discuss Alias “the Magpie”, this year’s IF Comp winner.

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January 26 we’ll discuss Animalia by Ian Michael Waddell and we’ll also have the first Cragne Manor check-in, covering the area through the first bridge.

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February 23 we’re going to discuss ProP’s Grimnoir, as well as Cragne Manor up through the second bridge.

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