Baltimore/DC IF Meetup


After meeting up individually with some folks in the Baltimore/DC area who are interested in interactive fiction, I thought it was time to try organizing a meetup a shot. I want to keep the scope of this meetup broad for now and see what those who are interested in attending are interested in talking about! But in rough outline, I hope this will be a way for folks who are interested in interactive text-based things to share projects they’re working on, talk about what’s going on in the genre, and generally hang out.

The first meeting will take place at 3 PM on Sunday, March 1 at the Board and Brew, a coffeehouse in College Park, MD (!forum/baltdcifmeetup.

Spring 2019 Baltimore/DC IF Meetup

Yesss. I hope this goes radly. Pour a Yuengling for us west coast lurkers!


Because of the weather, today’s meetup has been postponed. Please see the Google Group linked in the first post for details on rescheduling!


The meetup has been rescheduled for next weekend! See!forum/baltdcifmeetup for details.

(Chris Conley) #5

I wish I’d heard about this before!

(Chris Conley) #6

I might as well update this I guess!

I know it’s late notice but we’re still meeting monthly. Tomorrow’s meeting is at the College Park Board & Brew at 3. The facebook group is here:

(Chris Conley) #7

Next month’s meeting is June 24th. It’s like a book club, we pick a game to play before the day and then talk about it at the meeting. June’s game is The Weight of a Soul from Spring Thing.

(Chris Conley) #8

For July, we’re playing Paradigm City. Meeting is the 29th.

(Chris Conley) #9

Before the meeting on the 26th, we’re playing wikitext.

Oh, and the UMCP Board & Brew is where we’re meeting, as always.

(Chris Conley) #10

Whoops, I forgot to add this month’s meetup: tomorrow the 23rd, at 3, as usual. We’re playing Cactus Blue Hotel ahead of time.

(Chris Conley) #11

Oct 21 we’ll be discussing IF Comp games. Same time, same place.

(Chris Conley) #12

Nov 4 we’ll discuss Alice Aforethought from the IF Comp.

(Chris Conley) #13

December 9 we’re meeting at Mad City Coffee in Columbia to discuss Harmonia. 3-5 PM, as usual.

(Chris Conley) #14

January 13, at Mad City Coffee, we’ll talk about J. J. Guest’s To Hell in a Hamper.

(Chris Conley) #15

For February 3 we’ll play BP Hennessy’s Known Unknowns. Same venue and time.

(Marshal Tenner Winter) #16

Does anyone pay any attention to join requests on this group’s Facebook page?

(Chris Conley) #17

March 3 we’re playing A Beauty Cold and Austere (version 2).

I hope so! Let me poke somebody.

(Chris Conley) #18

Before April 7 we’ll be playing Papers, Please and watching this video.

(Chris Conley) #19

May 5 we’ll discuss Sherlock Indomitable from this year’s Spring Thing.

(Chris Conley) #20

June 16, 3-5pm at Mad City Coffee, we’ll have played and will discuss Grayscale.