Are there any editing services out there for IF?

I’m starting to realize that my IF that I’m writing is starting to get into the “Novella” range, and I’m nowhere close to done. I want it to be the best version it can be, and I’m not great at being able to tell what and what doesn’t have a place in the narrative. I’m writing about history, and the piece leans more towards fiction with interactivity.

For the record, if I’m describing what a beta tester is supposed to do, I didn’t know that the role encompassed editing.

That’s a toughie - sounds like you’re wanting the prose and structure proofread and critiqued and not the game. It’s hard for regular copyeditors to comprehend exactly how IF works.

What you might want to do is create your “ideal transcript” and have someone look over that, hopefully with the understanding that it’s not a linear narrative.

I’m a retired professional editor (copy-editing, content editing, staff writing, freelance book editing, etc.). I’m also an IF author. I would have to know more about your project to know whether I’m interested in helping, but please feel free to send me a private message.