Appreciation Post for this Forum <3

So it’s 1:30 in the morning, and I have got to start going to bed earlier, but with the start of IFComp I’ve been thinking a lot about how much I love this forum and the IF side of the internet in general.

I just feel like everyone here is so smart and so talented, and it’s so nice to have a space online where we can share with and learn from each other. Because, let’s be so real, to like and play IF games enough to want to make your own games or have in-depth discussions about it takes a very specific type of person.

As one of the youngest people on this forum (at least, among those who post consistently?), I sometimes feel so intimidated and humbled by the attention and analysis people put into both playing and making these games. Like I’m blown away by some of the comp reviews I’ve seen!! But IF has also allowed me to be more comfortable in being significantly less experienced than others, and everyone here has been so friendly every time I pop online.

I don’t really know where I’m going with this. It’s so late/early, and I’m a bit delirious at this point. To summarize, I love this community so much; it’s literally one of the only places on the internet where I can talk to people who are interested in the same things as me without also feeling like I’m trapped in a capitalist hellhole (you will never catch me on Twitter. I do not understand it); and also I feel so young and inexperienced compared to so many of you (like. I’m not even halfway through college and sometimes I feel like everyone else here has a real job) but the enthusiasm everyone has for IF makes this such a welcoming community!!! Favorite internet pocket dimension for sure .


You’ve pretty much captured my feelings about this little flowery corner of the grand dungeon that is the wider web. I even made a post similar to yours on my first anniversary as a Forum member: Happy anniversary! (

Glad to hear that you enjoy it so much here.


This is a great place, for sure.


I’m new here, but it sure seems pretty great to me so far!


Intfiction gives me a complex…


I enjoy reading what fellow judges have to say about games I’ve just completed and they’re all very interesting to me. It’s a nice change of pace from writing stuff alone! :slight_smile: