Happy anniversary!

It’s been one year since I registered on The Interactive Fiction Community Forum. I want to take a minute to thank you all for making this site the great place that it is.

This Forum is a warm and welcoming place. People are friendly, and if not friendly then at least courteous in disagreement. Never have I witnessed smugness toward new registrees or haughtyness as response to basic questions.

Very much the contrary actually. I don’t post on technical topics, but from the threads I have read, good advice and knowledge is spread around to everyone with a question, whether it be how to make a room to more advanced problems like [mumblemumble]something about random variables to make efficient pronoun lists[coughs to hide utter ignorance].

The enthousiasm that shines off of the archeological posts here is positively inspiring, leading me on some digging for obscure DOS-games myself.

And of course I would like thank all of you who have responded so kindly to my reviews, the niche on this site where I feel I have most to contribute.

intfiction dot org has been a valuable constant for me the past year. Again, thanks to all of you for this.



I’m happy you like it so much here :smile:

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How delightful! I even got a badge just now for sticking around for 365 days. Yaay!