Any Indonesian?

(Wendy Nugroho) #1

I’m just make sure that I am not alone. :cry:


(mostly useless) #2

Hmm… Google suggests you are the only Indonesian here. But that doesn’t mean you are alone!

Correction: Google suggests you are the only Indonesian who has posted here.


(Wendy Nugroho) #3

I have introduced it to my friends here and they are not really interested in IF. Some of them have tried it and got the copy from me. Most of them are more interested in high quality graphic games :frowning:

So I turn to internet communities, I hope there are some.



On the IFDB there is record of an Indonesian converting a choose-your-own-adventure book into Indonesian – – they may have wider IF interests, but I do not know how to reach them.

On Mobygames we have a prolific forum member from Indonesia, Indra Depari, but he is not particular to IF.


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I’ve played it, it’s book for children here, hahaha.

Hmm, thanks for the information. Maybe I should look for him.


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While there is no way to message the author on IFDB (besides reviewing the game), the game is also listed on I don’t have an account there, so I’m not sure if you can send private messages, but if you sign up you can comment on the game (without having to review it, if you prefer) and maybe get in touch that way. Here’s the listing:

Also, the fact it’s been downloaded 105 times from there suggests there may be a larger Indonesian IF community than we realise!



Yes, Indonesian here…not by nationality, but by language when I have the opportunity.

I have been considering writing an adventure in Indonesian to a) stop my Bahasa from getting rusty, and b) to see how much attention such a game would get, c) make the game something of a language learning tool for the player - either for an English speaker to engage with Indonesian or for an Indonesian to practice with English. Would be ‘Bahasa campur’ in both cases.


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Ooops, it’s been a long time since I was here. I know this thread is probably dead now. Just wondering if you’re still active.

Anyway, thanks for answering. Where do you live now? Are you still in Indonesia?


(Parser Commander) #9

Well, finally you were not alone, after all :smiley:

Did you play in English to this kind of games? Are you planning to create something in Indonesian?

I have no idea about that language, but it’s nice to see this kind of things spreading in other languages :slight_smile:


(Wendy Nugroho) #10

Hola, Commander!

Still kinda feeling lonely, and I kinda stopped playing several years just because I can’t find any active community of IF in Indonesia. Tried to introduce it to my friends but none of them hooked to IF.

I used to play some IF (mostly parser based) and of course, they’re all in English. I did found a CYOA written in Indonesian and I believe it’s an adaptation of an actual IF book for children.

I have Twine here, but I need learn some basic codes in order to make one. Literally, I got no background in coding and stuff like that but luckily I studied literature even I’m not the best at it. I’m more like into linguistics. I also tried to learn the Inform 7 but it’s somehow too complex since once again I got no background in coding and English isn’t my mother tongue, also I have no idea how to make it in Indonesian.

And yes, it’s gonna be an amazing achievement to create something in Indonesian. I just don’t know how to start, lol.

Anyway, thanks for responding. Gracias!