Announce: Spring Thing 2024

Yes, as are other kinds of transformations, like translations or new versions of a game that significantly alter gameplay (like converting from parser to choice).


Ooh converting parser to choice also ok? Good to know :smiley:


More than one person has written asking if porting a game to a new system is enough to be allowed into Spring Thing.

I am currently saying ‘yes’ as long to requests where the system is visibly and apparently different than the original (parser → choice, proprietary online-only → Twine), as long as it is entered into the Back Garden. If more than 1 such game gets submitted, I plan on making a separate category specifically for such things.

An ‘invisible’ port like Inform 6 → Inform 7 or AGT → TADS 3 or a port like Ink → Twine where the player experience is substantially the same wouldn’t qualify.

Foreign language translations and Introcomp completions are still welcome in the main competition!

Edit: This policy will be re-evaluated after this year based on whatever player feedback comes up!


Sh…relax…breathe. Nobody1 can enter every competition in a year. Pick one in the future and plan for it!

1 No, @mathbrush that is not a challenge! :joy:


Don’t tempt me :stuck_out_tongue:


2 No, @manonamora that is not a challenge! :joy:


well, is true that for poliedric people working round-robin in various different environment is the ideal, but as I noted hard-way, for multitasking people, having a deadline invites serious troubles.

So I subscribe to Hanon’s suggestion; personally I have some half-baked ideas, but I’ll take due time to see if I can reach a reasonable state of completeness in due time.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


To be fair, having a deadline is the only thing that has ever motivated me to finish a game, so Comps are useful to us procrastinators. Cragne Manor also provided a deadline outside of a Comp scenario.

I’m poking at a thing now which is way too dirty to be in any non AIF Comp, but I don’t think it would be appropriate for anything else. This is requests from itch players to provide more specific M/M gay content but there’s no deadline…


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Just a reminder that intents to enter close March 1st! As long as you message me while it’s March 1st somewhere, you’ll be entered in.

Once intents close, I’ll begin setting up a way to submit games. In the past, that has looked like a dropbox folder, so I’d expect to see that.

Thanks for everyone who’s submitted so far! And remember that it’s okay if you don’t finish your game and need to postpone it to a later comp. A ton of people do it each year, and it’s usually better to give it more time for love and polish (unless you’re someone who is only motivated by deadlines and needs to feel that crunch).

Thanks and good luck!


Preliminary work DONE. Intent submitted.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


Just wondering, now that intents have closed worldwide, is my game on track to be the first choicescript game in the Spring Thing?

Edit: My apologies, in hindsight, this probably wasn’t the most appropriate question to ask.

I said that before in the CoG forum, and I’ll say it again: this probably will be the first Choicescript entry in Spring Thing in 10 years, the last one being 2014’s The Price of Freedom: Innocence Lost. That one was slated to be released on CoG before a dispute made the author move it onto CYS. CYS hasn’t been that active in uploading their works on IFDB, so I have little clue on their scene.

Oh, by the way, Joey Jones has something planned as well, so there will be at least two Choicescript entries this year. The various WIP authors back on the other side are lukewarm in submitting stuff, I guess.

Anyway, I’m looking forward to see what we brought to the table! If it’s gonna be a potluck, I’m going to > EAT the Entries and do the reviews again, like what I did for IFComp last year, same format.

One more thing: since you’re a newcomer, you’ll still be the first newcomer to submit something in the choicescript category for the Thing.


The Price of Freedom was originally submitted to the 2014 Spring Thing in CYS format, so that doesn’t count. :innocent: I really liked it though. Avery Moore is a very talented writer.

Oh well…


Intents to enter are now closed!

We have about 65 intents. Last year, we had about 57 intents, and ended up with 27 games, so it seems likely that this year will be slightly larger than the one before!

Prizes have been updated as well. If you submitted a prize already, please check to see if your submission is correct. If you want to submit a prize, please contact me! Prizes are awarded on a random basis based player interest, instead of by winner placement.

If you entered, expect to hear from me around March 16th with instructions on how to enter. We will likely use dropbox, although there has been at least one suggestion to try to Frankenstein IFComp’s open source submission code onto the Spring Thing website. That sounds like a good idea to me, but I’m unlikey to figure it out and get it working by March 16th.

In any case, thanks for everyone for entering!

Hmm, I thought there was no way this can be true, as Choicescript games have been fairly common in competitions for many years now. But I think you’re right!


I’ve just sent submission instructions to authors! Let me know if you have any questions. Despite my best scrutinizing, I did forget to change one ‘aaron’ into a ‘brian’ into the instructions, so apologies for that.

Looking forward to the future entries! For those not submitting games but who want to participate in some way, we could use a few more prize submissions; you can see the current ones here:

Thanks everyone!


Just a reminder to all authors to get your game in or to withdraw by the end of the day today!

Looks like there will be some great games this year. Authors can expect to see a test site spring up by Sunday (hopefully). Thanks to all who are participating!




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