Announce: Spring Thing 2024

Yes, as are other kinds of transformations, like translations or new versions of a game that significantly alter gameplay (like converting from parser to choice).


Ooh converting parser to choice also ok? Good to know :smiley:


More than one person has written asking if porting a game to a new system is enough to be allowed into Spring Thing.

I am currently saying ‘yes’ as long to requests where the system is visibly and apparently different than the original (parser → choice, proprietary online-only → Twine), as long as it is entered into the Back Garden. If more than 1 such game gets submitted, I plan on making a separate category specifically for such things.

An ‘invisible’ port like Inform 6 → Inform 7 or AGT → TADS 3 or a port like Ink → Twine where the player experience is substantially the same wouldn’t qualify.

Foreign language translations and Introcomp completions are still welcome in the main competition!

Edit: This policy will be re-evaluated after this year based on whatever player feedback comes up!


Sh…relax…breathe. Nobody1 can enter every competition in a year. Pick one in the future and plan for it!

1 No, @mathbrush that is not a challenge! :joy:


Don’t tempt me :stuck_out_tongue:


2 No, @manonamora that is not a challenge! :joy:


well, is true that for poliedric people working round-robin in various different environment is the ideal, but as I noted hard-way, for multitasking people, having a deadline invites serious troubles.

So I subscribe to Hanon’s suggestion; personally I have some half-baked ideas, but I’ll take due time to see if I can reach a reasonable state of completeness in due time.

Best regards from Italy,
dott. Piergiorgio.


To be fair, having a deadline is the only thing that has ever motivated me to finish a game, so Comps are useful to us procrastinators. Cragne Manor also provided a deadline outside of a Comp scenario.

I’m poking at a thing now which is way too dirty to be in any non AIF Comp, but I don’t think it would be appropriate for anything else. This is requests from itch players to provide more specific M/M gay content but there’s no deadline…