Plotopolis and Spring Thing

Hi all -
Just throwing this out there.

My IF literary journal, is looking for submissions.
We take proposals or full submissions and pay pro rates (8 cents/word).
If accepted, we would happily work with authors to time-release stories to be eligible for Spring Thing 2024, and make sure other guidelines are met. (And as a side-benefit, we would obviously help QA)

Have a look at our submission guidelines and documentation to see if you have something that might fit. (Twine games are the most easy fit…)

We take ‘first serial rights’, meaning rights revert back to you after publication (ie: normal literary journal rights).


Consider supporting any web based games in addition to .twee.

Consider supporting .webp images as .png can be huge and it’s necessary to have transparencies in images.

Do you accept svg images? If not, what should the resolution of the images be?

Because Plotopolis games are distributed via chat, and we support multiple platforms - we have a somewhat limited delivery method (text & images only).

As for images - ah yes, thank you. We do accept .webp, I’ll update the docs.

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Hi - yes we can accept svg, thanks for asking.
As for non-vector graphics, 1000 pixels wide would be great. (chats auto-scale to a smaller medium-thumbnail size, but can be enlarged when clicked).