Adventuron, a new text adventure engine

I am posting about a new text adventure creation language and text adventure game engine, Adventuron, which is based online, and can be thought of as an 8-bit themed online update of systems like THE QUILL, or GAC. Don’t expect anything as advanced as Inform / TADS, but I feel it still fits into a nice niche because of its style and accessibility.

I posted a link on twitter which goes into greater detail and provides links to the system itself and documentation.

I don’t know if you already received a feedback. I tried Adventuron and I can say it’s interesting. I hope you can continue to develop it.

Do you have any other links for it (ie not Twitter). Sounds interesting.

here I found a presentation: … 95909d6aaf

here the engine:

here the documentation:

I produced a new video tutorial, wrapped in a blog post …

Create A Text Adventure Game In 30 Minutes

I’m updating the game I created with Adventuron, but I can no longer use ‘about’ as a verb:

match "about -"
Overlap between Preposition and Verb :: 'about'.

What is the equivalent word that could replace it in this type of sentence?

If you need instruction type ’help’. Type ’about’ to find out more about this game.

I think I added “about” as a standard preposition and it obviously caused this unintended side effect, sorry. I’ll try to allow prepositions and verbs to overlap.

I have tested the following as working (use the if statement instead of your match):

: if (preposition_is "about" || verb_is "help") {
      : print "Your help message here!" ;

Thank you.
I think there’s also a little problem with Undo not returning any messages:

> undo

Undo will only undo when rewind is enabled.

game_settings {
   rewind_enabled =true

That said, when rewind is not enabled, Adventuron should give a response, so marking this as a bug, and will fix this.

do you have some natural language (parts of speech) parser in the system then?