Adventure Book extension won't compile in 6G60

Inform 7 spits up this error:

How do I fix this?

I went through the .i7x file and replaced “give” with “supply” and “remove” with “delete”. Not the most natural choice of words, but it works perfectly. You just have to be careful to replace only where it’s appropriate, or it will complain again (and it will look strange - “The old man supplies you a sword” in printed text and such).

EDIT: Oh, yeah, “provide” is the better word I was looking for instead of supply. “It provides Reading Lamp Is On.” Much better. You might also try “take away” instead of “remove”/“delete”- But I can’t promise it will compile with these choices. It should, though. I think.


I have the same problem with the newest version of I7.

But I have a problem with the solution.

I am assuming by .i7x file you mean the extension file. Does that also mean making these changes:



There are more variations of the two words than implied in the quote.


That’s what I meant. Sorry for not making it clear. You have to completely replace the “give” and “remove” grammar with the “supply/provide” and “delete/take away” grammar, so, like you said, ‘gives’ becomes ‘supplies’, ‘removed’ becomes ‘deleted’ etc.

Birion, thanks for the fast response. I thought this was what you intended but didn’t want to edit that file until certain.

Made all the changes in the variations of the two words. Then run the story example in the extension. Get this:

The extension file code that is the source of the error in Section 6 is:

[code]To clear (x - a flag):
if x is not a magic word:
now x is off;
if x is an inventory item, delete x from play;

To run inform code for (x - a page):
do nothing;[/code]

Not sure how to fix this.

“Remove from play” has a fixed meaning in I7, so it’s not one of the "remove"s that should be changed. If you change it back to “remove x from play” that part should compile.

Gads y’all are impressive. That fixed it. Thanks Juhana. Adventure Book by Edward Griffiths now runs on Inform 7 (1.2 6.31/6G60).


Actually you have to use “supply” and not “provide;” there is already a “provide” relation in the standard rules, apparently.