Advent Mirror hint request

I’m playing Advent Mirror and I’m stuck.

I think I’ve found everything there is to find. I’ve visited seven rooms (Library, Tea Room, Trophy Room, Closet, Clock Chamber, Kitchen, Wine Nook) in both regular and verso mode, and I have the mirror, reflective ball, and the gold key. I’ve unlocked all of the wooden doors, either with the key or by unbolting them from the other side.

I have found that I can reverse the compass directions of both the regular and verso worlds, but I don’t really see why I’d want/need to.

I assume my objective is to escape up through the trap door in the Library, but I can’t see any way to do that.

What am I trying to do now? How do I do it?


Ha, I just played this half an hour ago and was stuck for a while at the same place. Some increasingly-clear hints:

You’re right about your objective, and you’re ready to accomplish it.

Does the sphere let you get anywhere you haven’t been yet?

You might think there’s something up with the clock due to some ambient text, but I think that’s a red herring.

If the trap door is on the ceiling in the regular library, where would be it be in the verso library?

What happens if you try to drop the sphere in the verso library?

Drop the mirror in the verso library then enter it.


It might be overkill, but I’ve written out a full set of Invisiclues for this game, now that I’ve solved it.