Adding an IFID to an Ink game

Looking at the shiny new IFDB pages, I’m realizing we never gave Loose Ends an IFID…and that I don’t actually know how to do that for an Ink game.

The Treaty of Babel suggests adding a meta tag into the HTML:

<meta property="ifiction:ifid" content="448E73DF-2D2F-47E7-A494-A46B40D4CFB3">

While the IFWiki suggests using an HTML comment:


I’m assuming the Treaty’s advice is the better one?


As a comparison, for Twine:

  • Harlowe and Chapbook only have the IFDB in the story-data element
  • SugarCube has both the story-date and HTML comment
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The <meta> tag is preferred for HTML.

Putting the string UUID://XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX// somewhere in the file is technically only supported for HTML and for Z-code and Glulx game files. I think in practice we check for that as a fallback in any file, text or binary. But since HTML can contain structured metadata, it’s better to use metadata.

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Now, IFWiki just recommends using the <meta> tag.