Acknowledging recurring themes in IFComp games on IFWiki?

IFComp 2023 has a lot of boats, and I was thinking it might be fun to add a line about that on the IFComp 2023 IFWiki page.

Then I wondered if recurring themes/similarities happen every year in IFComp, and if so, if there should be a more formal feature for this on IFWiki. Maybe a page dedicated to recurring themes, listed by comp year. I’m not sure what would work best. I’m just mentioning it in case it inspires any ideas.

Edit: Also, if anyone has any ideas of what to call this (“recurring themes,” or something else?), please share.


That’d be fun!
This year had a special thread for it, was this the case for previous years?


I know referring to clawfoot tubs is an acknowledgement of this phenomenon. I don’t know if there was specifically a year with a preponderance of clawfoot tubs, or if it was just picked as an amusing example. Honestly, IFMud might have some memory on this. I’ll pop in and ask.

Edit: Oh, wait, hi BG! You would probably be better placed to ask that than I! (Forgot the OP for a second there.) I’m thinking DW would be a good place to start?


There was a year where like three different games had clawfoot bathtubs in them, yeah. For the next several years after that, the threads tended to be titled something along the lines of “This year’s clawfoot bathtub”, so searching “clawfoot bathtub” on the forums will get you at least some of the past discussion.


Yup, that makes sense. I do think some of these threads might have been in the authors’ forums in some years, so it could make sense to ask folks who were authors to check if there are any private threads worth looking at (I can do that for 2020 and 21 if it’d be helpful, but probably not for a bit).


Ok, I made an ifwiki page for this. I’m sure it can be improved. This is just a start.

Clawfoot bathtub - IFWiki

(Also, this is just for fun. No need to worry too much about making it exhaustive. If it turns out not to be fun, we don’t have to include a list.)