A 5-Day Comp (July 25 to 29) to intrude on Parsercomp

My Andromeda Acolytes Discord hasn’t gathered enough critical mass to prep members for its third and final competition game, a title I’ve yet to reveal.

I don’t want to waste this opportunity for some unique fun, the game itself, the infrastructure I’ve built, or the prizes. Therefore I’d like to specifically encourage anyone on intfic who plays parser IF to enter this competition. You will essentially be competing against the people you know and love (or tolerate) on this site for glory and prizes!


There will be a five-day period (July 25 - July 29) in which you can spend as much or little time as you like playing the comp game online. All transcripts are recorded automatically, but you will have to identify yourself when you play by typing your Discord userid at the prompt at some point – or your full name or whatever will surely identify you – so I know who played.

After the five days, the player who achieved the highest score will get glory and a choice of game prize(s). If I get enough competitors, there will be multiple prizes.

I assure you, with this game, you will deserve that glory.


Sorry about the overlap with Parsercomp, but I’m also on an immoveable timetable, just like the start of World War I.

Because of the overlap, I’m going to allow you to play even if you don’t join my Discord. In other words, I’ll just post a link here on intfic when it’s competition time and you can use it to play. I’d still prefer that you joined the Discord, but you don’t have to for this competition.


  • If you want to play, respond in this topic so I have an idea of numbers.
  • If you plan to play from the Discord server, please join it: Andromeda Acolytes
  • If you plan to play from intfic, mention that fact in your response
  • If it would help you to have extra days on either side of July 25 and 29 to play (I could add 2 at most either end) say so and I’ll probably make it happen


Definitely not telling 'til the comp opens. Nobody will have any expertise with it, of that I’m sure.

I hope you’ll join in. This is a rare opportunity for competitive score-based text-adventuring with a surprise game.



Sure, I’m in.

Would prefer to play off-discord.


I’d like to play (from here)!


I’m on this server, and no one uses the voice part of Discord. The server is used to chat through text.

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OK, I’ve joined the Discord channel (they call them channels, right?).


Cool. And, indeed they do.

Yeah, when you join the Discord, just enter one of those three team commands that are mentioned in the ‘welcome’ channel. The teams don’t matter for comp 3, so pick whatever you like. The crux is, joining a team makes all the other channels appear, with all the info. Which will include all the comp 3 info as soon as it’s ready.


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I’m interested.


Okay, the comp has begun and details are in this new linked topic: