2 issues with Release: (Figures don't show & "empty" gblorb)

I make some IF mini-games for practice, but I seem to have two problems with releasing:

  1. I open the .gblorb file with Zoom (on a Mac) and it only shows the cover image and then nothing. Here is an example of one of my .gblorb files.

  2. One game displays figures, but the figures do not show on the browser (Quixe). Are the figures supposed to exist in the Release folder as files? They do not appear when I press “Release.” Should I copy them manually? (In this post, it says that they are embedded in the gblorb. How about the browser-interpreter version?)

As to the first issue, the Blorb file opens fine with Windows Glulxe so it’s most likely that the problem lies with Zoom. Zoom hasn’t been updated in a very long time and has quite a few known bugs.

Good to know… Does anyone know of an up-to-date alternative for Mac?

EDIT: Cool, I downloaded Spatterlight and I can actually play my games, figures and all.

The issue remains, though, re Quixe and display of images (figures).

See https://github.com/erkyrath/quixe/wiki/Quixe-Graphics-Support, in particular the blorbtool.py command near the bottom:

python blorbtool.py GAME.materials/Release/GAME.gblorb giload GAME.materials/Release/interpreter interpreter As far as I know, there is currently no simpler way to make Quixe display images.

Oh. Long pause.

Perhaps it may seem more complicated than it is.

Download blorbtool.py from here: https://github.com/erkyrath/glk-dev and place it in the game directory.

After compiling, you navigate to the game directory in Terminal and type (or paste) that line, with GAME replaced by the name of the game. If the name contains spaces, you will need to insert quotation marks.

Example for Counterfeit Monkey:

python blorbtool.py "Counterfeit Monkey.materials/Release/Counterfeit Monkey.gblorb" giload "Counterfeit Monkey.materials/Release/interpreter" interpreter

Hey, thanks! I actually managed to get it to work, thanks to you!

Re: Mac interpreters,

Lectrote is very up-to-date and with graphics. No sound though.


Gargoyle has graphics and sound, but you have to change a config file to change preferences. (I forget whether this linked build has Retina support. If that’s important to you, there may be an alt build somewhere that does):


It’s inadvisable to use Zoom now. It is verifiably buggy in its out-of-dateness.