Inform 7 Released .html not displaying images in web browser

Hello All!
I’m pretty new to Inform and I am having an issue getting the play.html to display the images I have as part of my interactive fiction. When I play the project in Inform 7 I can type in “look at map” and it will display the correct image as it relates to my Figures folder but when I release my project and open the play.html in my internet browser no images pop up when I type in “look at map.” Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, I’m releasing with the Quixe Interpreter if that is relevant. Thank you.

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Hi Janusz, welcome to the forum!

Roughly speaking, it has to do with the way the images are stored and how the Quixe interpreter wants to access them. I remember reading about this in some posts not too long ago, and the solution basically involves either editing the play.html file manually after releasing in I7, or downloading and running a python script which does it for you.
Here are the pertinent posts:


There is also some background info on Quixe’s Github wiki here.

Hope this helps, and feel free to ask further questions if anything is unclear or doesn’t work!

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I got this to work via the post you sent. Thank you so much for your help, it is greatly appreciated!!!