ZX Spectrum Crap Games Competition

I found this interesting.

SIM City: The Text Adventure sounds like fun to me!


That is absolutely brilliant! Thanks for the heads up.


Fantastic! This is incredibly nostalgic for me as I was reading Your Sinclair at the very period of Advanced Lawnmower Simulator and I did own a copy of Cassette 50 (“50 Fantastic Games On One Cassette” [all of them complete bollocks]). And who knew Rich Pelley now writes for The Guardian?

Lovely to hear that the ZX Spectrum community is alive and well, and continuing to play to the machine’s strengths in creating games that are (quite often, and with the warmest affection) just a little bit crap…

Thanks for posting!


Sim City Text isn’t crap. They actually implemented The Sims in text, which is mostly grind, and they found out that the grind is fun!

And the line between good and crap is a thin one. I remember coding Snake and Ladder game. All text, but that’s all you need. It only took me less than 10 minutes all told, done in 1 pass. No bug!

Then I run it, and the program asked for number of players. I typed in “4”. Then the program ran through the game and announced the winner “Player 2 wins!”, in a flash because I forgot to pause during the dice rolling sequence.

That’s obviously no good, but it became good once I put in the prompt for each players to roll the dice manually. :game_die::game_die:


Not necessarily that off topic… there are plenty of text adventures that have been entered in to past competitions. :slight_smile:

I wrote one for a past competition. It was called Mirror Mirror… the “crapness” was in the key game mechanic… something that I thought would be incredibly irritating and annoying… Then the challenge was trying to implement it in an interesting way in a game that was just the right length that it wouldn’t outstay its welcome. I almost went too far and was in danger of making the least crap game… nobody wants to do that and then have to host the next year’s competition. :slight_smile:

It’s playable using the “play online” link on this page…


That was quite fun. If you don’t mind, a small bug report:


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