ZTree - A python graphing tool for Z-Games

I have to admit I suck at IF games, so I wrote a tool to help me suck less at them. From the readme:

The code and instructions can be found at: https://attilathedud.github.io/ZTree/

Some images showing off the different display modes:

Display mode 0 shows every node present in the game and links objects to their parents. Passing in the sibling flag will also display sibling relations between nodes.

Display mode 1 shows all the rooms in the game with directional edges drawn. Nodes that aren’t legally interpreted as rooms but can be moved to will be displayed as just text.

Display mode 2 shows all the objects in the game and their relations (e.g., if a pen is inside a drawer inside a desk).

Display mode 3 shows all objects inside their respective room with directions between rooms drawn. Somewhat experimental. Objects with no valid room as drawn as text with no node.

Since my test library was quite small, there are no doubt to be some bugs - if you find any, please don’t hesitate to tell me so I can fix them up.

Nice use of Python and Matplotlib there.

A similar application that has been around is Trizbort, which I also recommend checking out: github.com/genstein/trizbort