Zozzled afterword

This game has been around for a while; I was originally planning it just after Brain Guzzlers From Beyond!, but what with various other projects, I never got around to completing it until this year. I decided to go with a more modular design for the puzzles this time - once you’ve passed the beginning, you can pursue the solutions in more-or-less any order, and you don’t need to solve all of them to reach the end of the game. I also cut down the scope more, including dropping several hypothetical late-game puzzles involving Donnie Cantaloupes, Agent Byrd, and other NPCs. This kept the game a little tighter, but most reviewers justifiably criticized it for having a poor connection between the intro/conclusion and the rest of the story, and the NPCs are less lively and developed then they are in Brain Guzzlers.

I was better at cutting parts of the game that were underdeveloped than I was with previous games, and I think the implementation is overall more solid. Clearly I need to pay more attention to the story I’m telling, too, though. That’s a learning experience for next time!


Aw… this game made me smile. Thank you so much! And congrats on your 1st place! :wink:


What I would like to know is who does your blurb art?

Every one of your games looks like a professional artist created them.


Steph does her own art! You can type CREDITS in the game for more detail.

> credits


Writing and Art by Steph Cherrywell

Playtested by:
Bitter Karela
Hanon Ondricek.

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Steph Cherrywell is a professional artist who still manages to wipe out the IF competition every time she enters! I binge-read the web-comic Intragalactic the moment I became aware of its existence.