Zorkmid - human-designed maps automapping for IF (v3)

Hey Roy,

Given my work on ifpress.org, would you be interested in helping out with widgets? I don’t have a platform ready yet, but eventually I’m looking for widgets similar to Zorkmid that an author could “drag-drop” onto a story template.

This would be some JS (or TypeScript) and HTML, possibly in a React jsx format and an I7 extension.

David C.

Hi David

I haven’t had a chance to look at ifpress yet, but I’d be happy to help out if I can, maybe I could create a version of Zorkmid that will work with ifpress.

There’s nothing to do right now. I still need to build out the platform. When I start implementing templates and widgets, I’ll circle back.



Good job on v2! And thanks!

I like the new effect (but I had no problems with the flashing either). Do you think it could be an option to have a little character appear on the map? Say, if there was a folder “character” containing the same subfolder structure as the game (“House”, “Basement”, etc), there could be one png with a character drawn at the right place per room. You wouldn’t have to worry about where to put the character on the map since it’d be already at the right place, you’d just have to remove the previous png and show the new one. Plus, an author could have different sprites for different rooms (for instance if they wanted to draw shadows / take the change in light into account, or make the character look scared/cold/other in a specific room, etc.).

I haven’t kept the ball rolling with another map, but I found a few websites to have 3D models of things like houses : SketchUp, RoomSketcher, FloorPlanner. (And The Sims, of course.) It could be helpful for those (like me) who can’t draw; I was thinking maybe trying to use it for Shade, which would also be a good way to test that a non-standard (but not too complicated either) status bar works with Zorkmid.

Hi mulehollandaise.

Character layer (or maybe we can generalize it as an Overlay layer) sounds interesting, it is definitely do-able and will probably be added in the very next version.

Shade sounds great! ever since Mammal has been added I’ve started to see a lot more engagement in the website (which is to be expected) and Shade will drive in more, also just sharing the website and spreading the word will help get the ball rolling as well, and get more people involved in mapping old and new games, and the software will evolve as well as a consequence.

Apparently Ctrl+PgUp and Ctrl+PgDn don’t work in Chrome (as they are set to switch between tabs)

You guys have any suggestions for replacement hotkeys for the diagonal directions? and in general, what other hotkeys would you like to see?

EDIT: Version 3 is out with support for Glulx: zorkmid.byethost12.com/play/?sto … enture.ulx
Also added “press tab to complete word”

Hopefully does not confuse with the Z-code interpreter also called ZORKMID (the capitalization is different)