Zomburbia hints

I’m stuck, and a glance at the hint file didn’t reveal anything that seems on point so figured I’d rely on the wisdom of the crowd - is it possible to re enter the mansion? I got in via a one-way trip, and out via another (climbed the trellis, which later fell, and snipped the dumbwaiter cable to get to the cellar) but due to inventory limits I left some stuff there that I think I’ll need. Apparently the game is still winnable, but I’m a bit stymied!


once you’ve gone down the dumbwaiter there’s no way back up into the house.

what did you leave behind?

i swear, the ‘unwinnable’ function is the biggest pain in the rear and i’m always terrified that we missed something, and it may not always be reliable.

i’ve thought about leaving it out entirely but walking-dead situations suck if you don’t know you’re in one.


I left the rifle, since it seemed to be giving “this is useless” vibes, though now I get it was “this is useless as a gun. I’d actually been assuming I’d need to start over to actually win the game so I’d already mentally been writing this playthrough off, so no big deal :slight_smile: The winnability display has actually been very useful so far, so I’m glad you included it even if it is a little wonky!


thanks - you pointed out an unwinnable scenario that i hadn’t thought of and play-testers hadn’t encountered. i’m uploading an updated version tonight that won’t work with your previous save but will, at least, flag when something necessary is left behind in the mansion.

yeah, i think the winnability feature is worth it. it’s just SO hard to cover EVERY possibility. i’ll stop whining now.



Hey Mike @DeusIrae ,
(or Charles @cfmoorz2 )

Is it possible that the Hedge Maze is just the edge of the map, and there is no other side?

EDIT: nevermind I have hedge clippers


Damn my pre-review embargo! Wish I’d snooped this thread before my review. I hit the state Mike indicated above, though note that in service of inventory management, literally ANYTHING could be left in the house. FWIW two more unwinnables I think I tripped over: hedge monster can destroy hedge clippers before they are used, Big Bad can don his smoking jacket without alligator nip in pocket.


Other unwinnables:

-CUT MATTRESS in Dimbulb Manor.
-CLOSE VAULT DOOR in the Bank after picking up the brooch, for some reason that escapes me. Once you get the brooch, you never have to visit the bank again.