ZMPP/Glulx update

just wanted to let you know about some progress for the Glulx version of ZMPP. As previously posted on RAIF, the demo site is on

For the members who do not read RAIF: ZMPP is an interpreter for the Java Virtual Machine, which can currently run either as a browser applet or as a Swing application. Originally a pure Z-Machine interpreter, I’ve now started to add Glulx support for revision 2 and used Scala 2.8.0 as implementation language.

The new additions include

  • sound playback
  • timer events
  • Glulx filtered output
  • string decoding with references
  • undo

While there is still quite a bit to do on the Glk part (especially on the event system), the Glulx feature set is fairly complete (except save/restore).

I have now also made the source code available as a Github project (BSD License):


Thank you Weiju!

Hope to see you tomorrow!