ZIL Retro - Repository for Learning ZIL and ZILF

Hey all. I’ve been playing around with ZIL (and ZILF) a bit and I’ve started a repository for it:


This is very early days. I’m going to be expanding the tutorial quite a bit. Essentially I’m not creating much new. I’m just taking information from a variety of sources, including some of those made available from the Infocom material, and making it a bit more amenable to consumption.

Or, rather, I’m putting in place that which I wish already existed.

I’m learning as I go so I’m more than happy to receive critical feedback, particularly on the documentation parts. What I’m going to do with the tutorial is basically recreate some of the sample files that come with ZILF, but with a lot more context around them.

Also, as the documentation references, I did make an Atom ZIL grammar. Structurally it’s borrowed from the Visual Studio code version that is provided with ZILF. The Atom version is nowhere near as robust as that provided by VSCode.


Awesome! This looks like it’s going to be incredibly helpful.

I’ve only skimmed the repo a bit just now, but I’ll go through it later and add comments. In the meantime, feel free to stop by the Facebook group or Discord if you have any questions. (We also have a Confluence wiki, but there isn’t much content yet.)

I’m going to be adding more content this week. I have to incorporate a bit about the “three arguments to a routine” error that I was incorrect on. Specifically, I was saying the error didn’t make sense when, in fact, I was the one that didn’t understand the full context yet.

I’m also going to take people through creating Cloak of Darkness, which is the next bit I’ll get in place.

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