[ZIL] - Not Printing Room Names

Hey, I have an extremely strange question. I’m playing around with ZILF with some little projects, and for this one I wanted to have the player enter into a new room, but the name of the room isn’t put into the status line, nor printed out for the player. Is there any way this could be accomplished?
Thank you for all the help!

Is this for a specific room, or all rooms?

For a specific room, I’d think you could just set the room object’s name property to an empty string.

For all rooms, you’d need to change the code that handles LOOK (which prints the room name in the heading), and the order in which the first few globals are defined (which determines the status line).

I believe I tried that, but once I did that it printed something like OBJECT#5 (I’m assuming since it didn’t have a non-empty string to print)

How about just a space?

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Oh I don’t even know why I didn’t think of that… Well it works, thank you very very much!

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