ZIL Game Jam - Planning Stage

So… ZIL Game Jam? Here’s the problem. I’ve come to the realisation that I suck at organising things. I can promote like a pro, but organise? Nope.

Would anyone (more the merrier) therefore like to help organise one please? For my part I can pick up:

  1. £50 for the winner
  2. Promotion of comp through various social media channels
  3. Speaking kindly to Mr David Lebling to see if he’s still available, willing and able to Guest Judge (:slightly_smiling_face:)
  4. Look into Itch.io for game listing for people to play the games during (and after) the comp

Thanks, Adam. :+1:

PS I posted this also in the Facebook group so we need to connect up anyone who’s here but not there and vice versa.


What, exactly, are you looking for someone to do? If you’re looking at itch, their jam system handles most of the stuff that’s not on that list, I think? You click “create a game jam” and it asks you for a name and a cover image, start/end times, whether the jam has voting and who can vote, whether there’s a single score or if you’re ranking the game on multiple axes and so on. The jam will be hidden until you publish it, so you can take your time and play around with things, but I feel like they’ve done a great job of making it simple to host a jam.


Thanks Josh. It quickly turned out that others are way ahead of me, and have set up the Jam on Itch exactly how you describe.

This is great, and leaves me to promote it and invite people to participate.

I’ll share the details in this forum in due course.


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