Zag Java - Instructions for Luddities?

Hi all.

I’m at work developing a very small IF which ultimately I’d like to make available on a webpage. Unfortunately I’m expecting 95% of the webpage readership to either be PC-clueless or not sufficiently motivated to download and install a new application specifically for trying out the IF, so I thought providing a one-click Java solution would be a good way to go.

I got a hold of Zag and it certainly looks fantastic and I can get it to run fine. However, I am too java/html-unaware (and the included docs are too limited) to be able to set it up on the site so the click/download auto-opens my IF file (as distinct from just booting up the Zag java app).

Anyone found some more basic instructions for Zag-use? How do I twiddle Zag to load a particular game file?

Thanks in slavering anticipation.

Is there a website for this? I haven’t encountered it before.

Here’s what I found. Nothing with enough info for me to figure it out. Although I imagine it’s fairly obvious to someone who has some levels in Java?