Zag 1.1.0 Glulx interpreter released

I have released Zag 1.1.0, the Java Glulx interpreter. This release comes with lots of bug fixes, improvements and new features.

  • Font anti-aliasing (can be turned off)
  • Separate native launchers for Windows, Linux and Max OSX
  • Support for OGG Vorbis audio
  • Loading of games with drag&drop
  • Unicode support
  • Data files are saved and loaded correctly
  • Lots of small fixes under the hood to improve game speed



Someone has this archive?

Is this it?

Zag github repo – it’s up to 1.1.2 as of 2017.

Thank you. I am gamer, not a developer and I’m looking for a good working glulx app for my Android tablet.

Have you an apk file, please?

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Sorry, Zag isn’t for Android.

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Oops! I’m sorry. I often wander around internet looking for a glulxe interpreter better than Fabularium.
By the way I am happy you are back here.

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I’m still observing this thread and of course the Github repo.
If there had been more interest in Zag, I might have gone ahead and ported it to Android. But it is a lot of work for only a handful potential users.
All the code for the interpreter and Glk/Glulx is porperly separated from the GUI. So all that would be necessary, is to write a new GUI for Android.
If anyone wants. to cooperate on that, then I’m still game.


You are super, but here there are some threads about the massive number of android dispositives and the low number of IF users of this platform.

My problem as a betatester is that Fabularium doesn’t make good transcripts and Hunky Punk doesn’t support glulxe games.

I found Zag through an internet search.

It’ll work great for the interpreter to be shipped with Informal, the Java-based IDE Im beginning work on.

Well, I also would like to have an alternative to Fabularium.

This thread isn’t related to Android-supporting interpreters.

Out of curiosity, in what way is Fabularium insufficient? It looks fine to me from the screenshots.

Well, it’s just fine to have alternatives.