Z-Machine "quality of life" interpreter question

I have a memory that one of the Z-Machine interpreters will do things like make “x” aliases to “examine” for commands and things along those lines. Is that something that someone did and does any remember which interpreters do that? Jizaboz mentioned playing Ballyhoo the other day and I have never tried it, so I thought I would do so, but I’m pretty accustomed to a lot of the command shortcuts.

bocfel and frotz have ‘em. bocfel’s are on by default, but can be turned off with the -x command-line switch; frotz’ are off by default, but can be turned on with the -x command-line switch.


Excellent! Thanks, Zed!!

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Did any original interpreters alias “x” for examine?

At least the Atari ST Beyond Zork interpreter did:

Since Bocfel is used as the Gargoyle interpreter, if you have Gargoyle, abbreviations should just work with it.

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That’s the game recognizing ‘x’ as a synonym för examine, not the interpreter. This works in Beyond Zork in any interpreter.

Yes, that’s what i thought. So was BZ the earliest Infocom game with “x” for examine?