Z-machine games which request input in the upper window

The Z-machine has a concept of an upper window, which is typically used as a status bar. However, it’s possible to switch to the upper window and request input inside of it, and I’d like to be able to run some tests with games that do this.

Offhand I’m able to think of two: My Angel and Custard. Are there any others anybody knows of?


I don’t know whether Cryptographer or A TIght Spot do, though I do know they are problematic in iFrotz and I wonder whether it has something to do with the status line. In that logic I wouldn’t know about zRogue or zSnake, but I suspect they’re not.

Bender does curiously interactive things to the status line, but not actually taking input there.

Ok, thanks a lot. Those (plus the various other Z-machine abuses I’d somehow forgotten about) should be enough to do the testing I’m looking at.