Z Code - Year in Review

It’s been a great year for our ZIL & ZILF efforts, driven from our HQ which is the Facebook group. Highlights include:

  • Games, written entirely in Z code, were released.
  • Decision made to run the first ever ZIL competition.
  • Steve Meretzky gives the group his endorsement “Thanks for keeping the flame alive!”
  • Dave Lebling joins the group and provides help on coding in ZIL … And also offers to be a Judge for the ZIL competition!

Thanks 2018! Looking forward to 2019.

To me, it seems there is some confusion between Z-code and ZIL. ZIL compiles to Z-code. They are not the same language.

This is some Z-code:

JE G51,#39 [FALSE] db53
JE G51,#36 [FALSE] db63
JE G94,#aa [FALSE] db63
CALL 69f2 (#34,G45) -> -(SP)
JE G51,#5c,#5f,#62 [FALSE] RFALSE
PRINT_RET “You move the rug but don’t find any trap door. Amidst your sorrow you return the carpet to its original splendor.”

This is some ZIL:


<TELL "Building 26 was a long glass-and-steel structure, one of MIT’s newer buildings,
contrasting with the venerable pillared structures that fronted the Institute on
Massachusetts Avenue. " CR CR>



That is … actually very true! So our group is all about ZIL, coding and creating text adventure games in ZIL and using ZILF to compile to Z Code files.