Your thoughts on incorporating body parts into games?

(Piergiorgio d'errico) #21

The good doctor Asimov’s used the plot device of giving an hand in a rather interesting manner in The Naked Sun :wink:


(Björn Paulsen) #22

Yeah. Also, S.John Ross

used this to great comedic effect in Treasures of a Slaver’s Kingdom.



A body part is an object you always carry around with you. That makes it an exception to many normal rules, and a pain to deal with.
Nearly every Infocom game that implemented body parts had some bug whereby you could detach them from your body. The only exceptions (meaning no one has reported such a bug yet) are Hollywood Hijinx, Nord & Bert, Sorcerer, and Stationfall.


(matt w) #24

In Inform 7, at least, that’s not an issue–you can make the body parts part of the player (or other relevant person), and then there are rules to prevent them from being detached unless the author specifically permits it.

While I’m in this thread, I was thinking of a more ECTOCOMP-styled related discussion:

Your thoughts on incorporating body parts into feelies



Depends on the body part. wink


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RealNC, what differentiate erotica from porn is (also) the mileage given to imagination (hence the majority of erotica being non-interactive fiction…) so I prefer that your spoiler isn’t taken in consideration, or least don’t reduce said mileage…

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dott. Piergiorgio.


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Sorry to jump in - as the resident sometimes-AIF writer - Everyone remain calm! . Classifications may vary among different people and often vary in different cultures and countries.
[rant=my opinions ahead]In the US essentially “erotica” is a genre of media or literature that covers stories which either involve sexuality or don’t shy away from scenes that express it. If the characters are shown or described getting naked for sexytimes and the scene continues, it’s pretty much erotica. Romance isn’t necessarily erotica as there are many romance works that do not involve explicitly erotic scenes. Also, just because a story may include one or more erotic scenes, that doesn’t necessarily classify it specifically as erotica or pornography.

“Porn” or “pornography” is a subset of erotica and the label gets thrown around a lot, but essentially porn is media or literature which focuses very specifically on the display or description of actual sex acts and is usually less concerned with plot or characterization. The audience for porn is usually not there for the story.

With the usual caveat; this is my definition and others may hold completely different views.[/rant]


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That was not the kind of body part I meant at all. Be careful what you wish for!


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Move along! Nothing to see here!