Your IF games of the decade

What are your IF games of the decade? I made this list earlier in this week:

-Howling Dogs
-Counterfeit Monkey
-Cragne Manor
-80 Days
-Superluminal Vagrant Twin
-Choice of Robots
-Hadean Lands
-Depression Quest

I was picking games that were innovative, influential, and/or just really good. This list is in now way definitive or canonical.

What are your ‘games of the decade’? This IFDB search might help:


I don’t have near the experience playing these games as many in the community, so take this list with large boulders of rock salt. Here are the games that challenged and changed the way I think about IF and the realm of possibilities open to IF Works (in no particular order):

-Counterfeit Monkey
-Cragne Manor
-80 Days
-Haden Lands
-Eat Me
-The Wizard Sniffer
-Junior Arithmancer
-The Wand
-Open Sorcery
-my father’s long, long legs
-Creatures Such As We
-Sorcery! series

I could probably easily make a second list at least as big of games I heard were really good (e.g. Taco Fiction, Howling Dogs, Cactus Blue Motel, Choice of Robots, Heaven’s Vault, etc.) and I just have not had the time to experience yet. In other words, a year from now, this list will be a lot bigger. But this is what I know now ;).