You have been permanently banned from this board

I’ve got this message at home: It’s not a good idea to ban IP address spaces and sort of weird, the Chinese restaurant WLAN of my choice ist still displaying the forum. Tip: try banning ..., it’s much easier :wink:

Sorry proc. Can you PM the IP you’d like unbanned?

No, it’s daily changed by my ISP, so I try to enjoy your ban. Thousands of IPs changes their owner every month, so your unban basically doesn’t have any effect.

The bans should now mostly consist of banning ranges used by Chinese ISPs, from where the most spam seems to come from these days. If you let us know which IP or IPs are being banned, we can remove that range from the list.

impossible, I’m 500 miles away from home now… You may use the GeoIP2 Precision service demo to find out where an IP is located before you ban it. However, IP locations are fluctuating heavily.

The one listing under phpBB (which is what I believe this forum is run on) gives a “server not found” error. Maybe a more specific suggestion would be helpful?

Code for phpbb integration with stopforumspam can be found by searching for it. Two examples I found:

I’ve finally installed StopForumSpam, and if it works like it’s meant to, then we will probably start removing the IP bans and new user restrictions.

Did you configure it only for registering or every access is forwarding my IP to a third party?

If I understand the settings correctly, then it’s just for registrations and profile updates (i.e., if you change your email after registering it checks the new email address.)

Good. I really don’t want to get perma-banned because of the bad behaviour of another user of T-Mobile/Opera Mini as has happened before.