You Are Jeff Bezos: Amazonified

I was bored so I whipped up a CSS stylesheet for You Are Jeff Bezos that resembles the official Amazon website.

To use it:

  1. Install Stylish in your web browser
  2. Add this CSS to a new entry (67.4 KB)
  3. Apply it to URLs starting with
  4. Play the game here


And counting…

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I deeply loved this. Sending to all my antifa friends


Just need to detect the end-state (or one of them?) and change the photo to Elon Musk…?!

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I can’t remember if there is an Elon Musk ending.

If there is, I wouldn’t be able change the photo based on the passage, since this just reads the page elements (id names) and injects the photo…it cannot read the page content. Possibly someone else could write a Greasemonkey script capable of changing photos but that is beyond my abilities.

Apologies if that was a joke I am taking too seriously.

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