Yes, my mother is (IFComp ; Looking for proofreaders/beta te

Hello everybody,

I’m looking for some vict… beta testers (and probably proofreaders, as I’m about sure there are more mistakes in my text than craters on the Moon) for my last work, Yes, my mother is, which is supposed to participate in this year IFComp.

It’s both a translation and an update re-release of one of my earlier works (I took the opportunity to change a few things while translating it, that’s it). Translation is almost complete (only a few bonus passages remain), so I thought now was a good time to seek some help.

It’s not my first gamebook as an author, but it’s indeed one of my first pieces of interactive fiction in English and Twine projects (Eh, come back! I promise there are actual choices in this one). Hence why I am especially careful about thorough proofreading.

The story? I have yet to write a blurb which satisfies me, so let’s just say it turns around interviewing people.

Hum, man, that makes for a small sum of incentives. I mean, I appear from nowhere, request help, pretty much explain nothing except you will probably have to face some fascinatingly broken English, and still hope there will be people nice enough to give me a hand, free of charge.

Well, the interactive fiction community is usually awesome, so those kind of saints may exist.

And, as say the idiom, nothing ventured, nothing gained.

If you still need help, I would love to volunteer.

I would have sent you a pm, but I just registered and apparently cannot.