XYZZY Awards reviews

So, the mighty mighty Pseudo-Official XYZZY Awards Reviews are rolling out again, with an all-star cast of two-fisted reviewers who will put you in your place - the edge of your seat - using nothing but the power of criticism.

This is really just a PSA for those of you who don’t read planet-if, or those nominated authors who don’t have easy-to-find Twitter handles. (I’m looking at you, Matt Weiner.)

I’m looking back at you with the smug smile of someone who isn’t on Twitter. (Actually I do have access to Twitter though I never look at it; if you can find that Twitter account you will unlock the achievement Scary Cyberstalker: Go Away, NSAman. And tweeting at it wouldn’t accomplish any purpose since I don’t look at it.)

Anyway, thanks! I do read Planet-IF, but everyone else: You should read these reviews! They’re cool.

Fine, I’ll just tweet at one of the many weinerclones who are on Twitter, then.

We are legion.

It has been a while, but the promised pinch-hitter reviews are here: Emily Short on Best Individual Puzzle.

A sincere thank you to both you and the pinch-hitters (currently, Emily) for following up here. It’s very much appreciated.

I appreciate the follow-up, too. That sounds stuffy, but seriously, I got a lot of this essay’s discussion of all the games, and not just of terminology and games I forgot to look at. Thanks to both of you.

As for it not being done right away, I think we’re all acquainted with in action, even if we hadn’t heard the term. Things happen and get in the way.