XYZZY Awards 2021, first round

Voting for the 2021 XYZZY Awards is now underway. (Much, much later than it should have been, I know.) Voting for the first round will be open through December 3.


Thanks for the heads-up!

I voted for Best Game, Best Writing, Best Story, Best Setting, and Best Puzzles.

I’ll have to return for the “Best Individual …” categories later. I’ll shake my memory awake by looking at the games’ IFDB pages first.


There’s this thread : from way back that includes links to the IFDB polls that’s also worth taking a new look at.


Yay, exciting!

@mathbrush set up a bunch of IFDB polls earlier in the year to help folks brainstorm possible nominations – just sharing these as an efficient way for folks to refresh their memories, I’m sure there are great potential winners not on these lists too!

Here’s the thread, which includes discussion of the best tech award, and here’s a link to the set of polls themselves.

EDIT: ninja’d!


I’m having trouble with names of PCs and NPCs because it’s been so long since I’ve played the games, and I’m terrible with names anyway. I looked at Brian’s polls, but those don’t contain any names. I guess I have to go back to each game and relook at names?

Oh, I just remembered one standout: Aidan from The Best Man. But that’s probably only because there were whole threads about him.


It was fun scrolling through the list of games and going, oh yeah, that game, that game was good, and oh I remember that one, I should nominate that one! Is it possible to be nostalgic for literally just a year ago?


2021 was at least five years ago and you cannot convince me otherwise.


Aiden Tunney, if you want a full name.

Because I totally remembered that off the top of my head and didn’t just click through the game trying to find it…

Also spent far too long wondering what it says about both me and Stephen Bond’s marketting ability that my obvious candidate for ‘Best PC’ is the ‘Best Man’…

How could it be five years ago when it’s still 2021 now? Right?


What was the name of the PC is And then You Come… was it Em?


Yes, short for Emerson iirc


Just voted!

Looking through those IFDB polls I made, I seeded them with some random thoughts and others added more later, but on some polls, most of the entries are my initial ones. Please feel free to add more or to remind people about other games you are voting for! For instance (re the discussion above), the doctor PC in The Weight of a Soul is named Marid.


Thanks! I’ve been struggling a lot remembering the Spring Thing '21 details (not a surprise I guess, since it was a year and a half ago) so this should be a huge help.