XYZZY Awards 2020 first round: now open for voting, until Sep 21 2021

XYZZY Awards 2020: first round

The XYZZY Awards, celebrating the interactive fiction of 2020, are open for first-round voting.

The XYZZYs are open-voting, and use your IF Comp login; if you need to register an account with the Comp, or you’ve forgotten your account details, go here. You can log in here (you’ll get kicked back to the front page, but do not adjust your set: you are in fact logged in) and then vote here.

In the first round, anyone can nominate up to two eligible games in each category. (You are asked not to vote for your own work, or to organise voters to support a particular game or slate.)

First-round voting will remain open through the 21st of September (the deadline is US-Pacific time).


I never got around to making the IFDB polls this year. Do people want them, or do you all feel it’s better just to discuss stuff on here or just vote without discussion?

(Edit: I’ve decided to make a thread here instead)

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