XYZZY awards 2020, final round open

The final round is open for voting. Vote here.

The nominees are:

Best Game:

Best Writing:

Best Story:

Best Setting:

Best Puzzles:

Best NPCs:

Best Individual Puzzle:

Best Individual NPC:

Best Individual PC:

Best Implementation:

Best Use of Innovation:

Best Technological Development:

  • Adventuron
  • Dialog

Best Use of Multimedia:


Voting page is throwing up a ton of PHP errors when you click submit.


That happened to me as well. However when I reloaded the page all of my choices were preselected so my votes seemed to have been recorded anyway. :crossed_fingers:

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I would just like to vote YES on both of these. Often Technological is a category with a clear winner, but we’ve been graced with two robust and unique new IF systems in the same year.


Thank you for assembling all the links!


This happened to me on voting too – but in my case, they were all actually PHP warnings, not errors, and it says “Votes successfully entered” in red. Not sure if that’s what’s happening to other people, though.

Well, Dialog was introduced in 2018 and won the XYZZY for best technological development for that year: 2018 XYZZY Awards, final results | The XYZZY Awards

What you’re voting on now is if the new developments in Dialog released in 2020 warrant an XYZZY award.

And Adventuron was introduced in 2019, AFAIK.


You’re right @fredrik, I’m stupid. I apologize that everything from around the beginning of 2020 kind of all blurs together.


Glad I wasn’t the only one to get the scary list of errors. Not a great look for such an important contest, this may mean lots of people try to resubmit their votes too…

oh, hey, results. Congrats everyone!

Best Game: Vampire: The Masquerade (Kyle Marquis)
Best Writing: Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale (Kreg Segall)
Best Story: A Rope of Chalk (Ryan Veeder)
Best Setting: Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale (Kreg Segall)
Best Puzzles: The Impossible Bottle (Linus Åkesson)
Best NPCs: Jolly Good: Cakes and Ale (Kreg Segall)
Best Individual Puzzle: Leaving the house in The Impossible Bottle (Linus Åkesson)
Best Individual NPC: tie: the parrot in The Magpie Takes the Train (MathBrush), and Kingfisher in Vain Empires (Thomas Mack, Xavid)
Best Individual PC: The doppelganger in Doppeljobs (Lei)
Best Implementation: The Impossible Bottle (Linus Åkesson)
Best Use of Innovation: The Impossible Bottle (Linus Åkesson)
Best Technological Development: Adventuron
Best Use of Multimedia: Crocodracula: The Beginning (Ryan Veeder, Harrison Gerard)


Great results. All well deserved!

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