XYZZY Awards 2014: first round

The XYZZY Awards for 2014 are open for first-round voting. (Apologies for the late rollout.)

First-round voting closes April 5 at 0:01:00 US-Pacific. (That is, get your votes in before the end of April 4.)

(Because, yunno, it’d be awful if you found yourself going a whole day without an event to vote for.)

Are For Your Consideration lists over at IFDb going to be a thing this year or are you discouraging that?

I have no objection to them; if someone wants to set them up, that’s totally cool.

(I am not really convinced that they make a lot of difference, but they certainly don’t hurt. Except for making me itch a bit because it’d be inappropriate for me to make suggestions.)

From the discussion last year, I thought it might be nice if For Your Consideration-like lists could be set up somewhere where there could be a discussion of it–that this might help the Best Individual Puzzle poll in particular because we could discuss what was good about the puzzle and also what the puzzle was. (I’m thinking of this in particular because some of the post-voting discussion revealed that everyone had a different idea of what puzzle was meant by “Earning a million dollars in Ultra Business Tycoon III,” which was originally suggested as such in a For Your Consideration poll.)

Does this mean I think For Your Consideration threads should be set up here and perhaps at other relevant forums? Maybe.

Well, I’ve made my yearly poll. I gotta admit, I wasn’t expecting to nominate so many games; I kinda zoned out at the Comp.

Maybe make a thread for all the fiddly categories like Best Individual Whatever? That could work out.

A reminder: this will be the last full weekend you have for first-round XYZZY voting, so if you’re wanting to polish off a few more 2014 releases before making your mind up, get on it.

(You’ll also have next Saturday, if you like things last-minute.)

Final first-round reminder: you have until midnight, US-Pacific.

The first round’s super-important, so if you were thinking of holding off until the second round, please don’t, even if you only vote in a category or two in Round 1.